How secure are your people?

How secure are your people?

When choosing a new IT product or service, clients often cite security as a primary part of their decision. So they should too, a business’s data often represents the lifeblood and survival of that organisation.

Security is more than just ‘Can a hacker get into my data?’, in fact I would go as far as to say the majority of security breaches never involve a hacker or virus. It is a sad fact that companies will spend thousands of pounds protecting their IT systems but give significant access to virtual strangers who secure a job with them. Simple background checks are easily done for key staff and can save you a lot of hassle.

Inevitably we are asked about the security of Office 365 and other cloud services in most new business meetings. If they currently have on premise IT, we often find they do not security check their staff, backups are left in the boot of the IT person’s car overnight (un-encrypted) and everyone has access to copy all of their file share data to a DVD or memory stick at anytime.

Microsoft, for example, will store your data in at least two locations in highly secure datacentres which are manned by security vetted staff. The service has mulitple power supplies and internet connections, you have a dedicated support team 24×7 etc. Only some of this will protect you from the rogue employee with administrator access who decides to wreak havoc or copy your data.

My advice is to think People then Technology when it comes to securing your business.