The Cloud – tips, myths and why it can be better for your business

The Cloud – tips, myths and why it can be better for your business

The cloud is not new, you probably encounter the cloud everyday – internet banking, your personal email, online storage, online music & entertainment, online shopping – the theme being ‘online’. You probably enjoy it, it’s easy, cost effective, always on, visible…the same can be said when using the cloud to run IT for your business.

If you are thinking about running your IT on the cloud, here are some tips, myths and reasons to adopt:

Cloud Tips

– speak to a cloud consultant and run a proof of concept to make sure cloud works with your environment

– research and understand how the cloud can meet your business needs – office 365 for example will provide you with professional IT that suits a business with 2 users or 1000s of users and you pay for what you use

– like taking on any service with a provider, make sure you read the contract, the SLA (service level agreement) agree with the terms and are happy with the data ownership and control – working with an experienced cloud consultant will ease this process

Cloud Myths:

– security – thinking cloud IT is not as secure as on premise: cloud data centre security is immense and it is unlikely that your organisation has put as much time and investment into securing your on premise IT

Reasons to adopt:

– professional IT without the hassle or need to be an expert

– scalable to your business’ peaks and troughs

– cost benefits – pay as you use and turn up and down according to your organisation

– make the business world a smaller place, use online meetings to save time and money

– work from anywhere, enable a mobile workforce

If in doubt get in touch, we would be happy to chat over your potential move to the cloud