Windows 8 Public Release

Windows 8 Public Release

Windows 8, yes it’s here and ready for the public. The release brings a visual overhaul to previous versions of the system and can be controlled entirely by touchscreen, by mouse and keyboard, or a combination of both.

There a four versions available:

Windows 8 Pro – For individual computer Upgrades
Windows 8 Basic – Available pre-installed on new computers (available to buy from 2/2/2013)
Windows RT – Created for devices running ARM processers
Windows Enterprise – For large companies

The Windows RT and Window 8 versions look the same, however Windows RT will only be able to run programs from the Windows Store, similar to iOS and Android.

One important note about the upgrade is the backward compatibility with Windows 7. Windows 8 has Windows 7 embedded into it and therefore will allow all the programs you currently run to work with the new OS.

Windows 8 is aiming to provide a sleeker, more intuitive user experience and from what I’ve seen it’s looking excellent.

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