Windows to Go

Windows-to-Go is a feature in Windows 8 that now allows you to install your operating system on your USB device. This gives you the ability to take you computer anywhere you want in your pocket.
Windows-to-Go is a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 environment, it is intended to allow enterprise administrators to provide users with an imaged version of Windows 8 that reflects the corporate desktop and as such is aimed at enterprises.

The first time Windows-to-Go boots on a particular computer, it installs the drivers for that particular hardware and no reboot is required. I installed it on a 32 GB USB 2.0 which was said to take around 45 seconds to boot, following the initial set up on a USB 2.0, it actually takes around 25 seconds for me. Although this particular USB could not be configured through the Windows-to-Go feature in control panel and had to be done through the command prompt, it wasn’t that hard to install especially after the first time of getting our heads around it. The initial set up is quite long but really impressive once up and running, even when not using the specific USBs that are made for Window-to-Go.

Would love to get my hands on a compatible USB 3.0 to get this working from within Windows 8 and see the difference.