Video: Simple administration of Office 365

Video: Simple administration of Office 365

Whilst moving to the cloud for Office applications has meant that IT administrators don’t have to worry about servers or licensing, it has created another challenge – making user management in the cloud as hassle-free as possible.

This is where Cloud Manager comes in, our custom tool which assists IT support with common administrative tasks for Office 365, simply and securely.

We install and set up the application for you, and then you are ready to go – straight away you can:

  • change user’s passwords,
  • enable accounts of AD users
  • allocate mailbox permissions
  • and more!

You can now administer Office 365 without manually using powershell scripts. Cloud Manager is accessed securely and all the actions are audited, so you can monitor actions taken.

We aim to reduce the headache of IT, and whilst moving to the cloud goes most of the way, we make sure that your day-to-day experience is as smooth as possible.