33% of UK consumers are Cloud aware

cloud, what is it?


UK consumers and the Cloud – our survey says?

Another survey has been published about consumer knowledge and awareness of cloud computing, this time questioning consumers in the UK.

Around a third of respondents (33.8%) said they had a clear understanding of what ‘cloud’ was in relation to computers – although the survey did not require them to actually explain it.  Half of respondents had no idea what the cloud is – so folk are still a little vague.

Cloud brands

When it came to specific cloud-based products, like Dropbox, iTunes and Gmail, consumers had a similar level of awareness, with just under a third of people who could identity their ‘cloudiness’, whilst a similar number could not.

Finding the Cloud Value

Part of this is certainly due to the rather broad conception of what cloud is, as if ‘the cloud’ encompasses everything, then it becomes meaningless. Keeping the term focused is the best way for consumers to understand the value of the cloud.

Most people understand that the general idea of the cloud is a positive, but the detail is sometimes lacking slightly. If you have any questions, have a look at our FAQ page, or if you have other questions about how your business could benefit from the cloud, get in touch with us.