Microsoft’s ‘flat design’ is anything but

Microsoft’s ‘flat design’ is anything but

Cloud Business is more than used to and already enjoys Microsoft’s flattening of design – it is part of our world when using and migrating clients to Office 365’s suite of tools, from the intelligent IM & conferencing tool Lync down to our Window’s phones.  Flat design has a beautiful simplicity to it.

Flattening Design, a trend Cloud Business work with







This article in The New York Times highlights what we’ve been thinking and noticing for a while – in fact this article came to my attention as I recently pinned one of the designs used (top left, above) to my pinterest board – yes, we are ahead of the curve!

What do you think of flat design as a user, are you a fan?  Another trend predicted this morning is that Apple may retire *skeuomorphic design on it’s iOS 7 – word on the street, the new interface is said to be ‘very, very, flat’.

*Many computer programs have a skeuomorphic graphical user interface that emulates objects in the physical world