SkyDrive Pro Storage Increase

SkyDrive Pro Storage Increase

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SkyDrive Pro for Office 365 is increasing the default storage from 7gb to 25gb today. This is a great improvement and it doesn’t stop there:

Administrators can assign users 50gb and 100gb limits if they have sufficient storage available in their tenant pool.

SkyDrive Pro allows you to sync 20,000 documents to your desktop and this latest increase in storage will greatly benefit those who need to work from 3g/4g, or in no signal areas where offline syncing is required.

Microsoft is making it far easier to access those files that are shared with others. Users will have an additional link in their SkyDrive Pro sites called ‘Shared with Me’, this will take users to all documents that they have permission to access. This saves you time searching through colleagues accounts and gives you instant access to Team Site libraries that you have access to.

For more info follow this link.