Windows 8 To Go – PC in your pocket

Windows 8 To Go – PC in your pocket

Carrying around a company laptop or moving between two computers can be a real pain for users and IT. As well as the physical weight and space, there are obvious targets for thieves and data theft.

Microsoft now have a interesting solution. You can install a full desktop version of Windows 8 on a USB stick and take it with you wherever you want to go. Just plug it in to a PC or Mac (Intel based) and boot up.

Our tests show that the first boot on a new PC or Mac took around 20 minutes on a USB 2.0 device and then subsequent boots were much faster. USB 3.0 should be much faster and the first delay is just related to adapting drivers and configuration for that hardware as a one off.

Windows 8 To Go – Microsoft Link

We will be using it in the line of duty over the next few months so I will keep you updated.