Forget Wi-Fi, here comes Li-Fi

Forget Wi-Fi, here comes Li-Fi

Superfast broadband is (eventually) being rolled out across the UK, but wireless connectivity speed and experience is also affected by the Wi-Fi router which allows devices to connect to the internet. Some routers can be unreliable, and because signal decreases the further away the device is from the router, can be inconsistent.

Now Li-Fi technology (also known as visible light communication), which has been developed over the past decade or so, looks to be able to increase connection consistency and also speed. Latest tests in the UK enabled transfer of over 10Gbit/s, through 3 LED bulbs. This makes it approximates 250x faster than current superfast broadband.

By transfering data using light, rather than radio, increases the bandwidth by around 10,000 times, allowing for greater capacity. It also restricts the wireless to line of sight contact with the light, potentially making connections more secure.

In the very near future, we may be connected to the internet through lightbulbs rather than routers.

Take a look at a TED talk by Dr Haas, a pioneer in Li-Fi, below.