Goodbye Windows XP, are you ready?

Goodbye Windows XP, are you ready?

windows XP upgrade

Does your business operate using Windows XP?

Windows XP was a very popular choice for businesses upon its launch in 2001. However, from April 8th 2014, Microsoft will not release any security patches for Windows XP as it has reached end-of-life. It will still run, but your organisation will no longer be compliant or supported.


Things to consider:

  • Compliance – Retail & PCI, Healthcare & HIPAA
  • Cost of supporting the desktop infrastructure based on Windows XP
  • Planning – assess your current environment NOW as to start planning for best fit OS & devices


Next steps:

Cloud Business has put together a 4 step XP upgrade plan for businesses to follow, in order to take the pain out of the XP end-of-life.  We appreciate you will need to assess, plan, look at your current environment from machines and programmes to user experience – so we have taken this into account with our XP upgrade plan, which includes:

1 –  XP upgrade workshop: half a day consultancy on your current environment, output: a recommendation report

2 – Based on our recommendations choose to migrate or upgrade to Windows 7 or 8

3 – As part of this decision, choose your devices, OS, support deal and payment option (lease or purchase)

4 – Your business is now either migrated or upgraded, running new machines and a new operating system

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