3D Browsers in the living room

3D Browsers in the living room

Forget the latest version of Internet Explorer. What if your browser jumped out of your screen, into the room you’re sitting in right now?

Coming out of Microsoft Research, SurroundWeb is a prototype browser which projects onto multiple surfaces in a room and allowing user interaction through ‘natural user input’.

Whilst we saw a similar concept last year from Microsoft, Illumiroom projected video around the TV – SurroundWeb is arguably even more impressive as it will have to generate displays based on dynamic, rather than static content.

This has potential to be used in living rooms or offices to provide an immersive experience for people, rather than concentrating on a screen or projector, content can be displayed on any flat surface.

With privacy features and a detection model to map the room built into the system, the product looks like it is relatively well refined, although how long we’ll have to wait to see it in action is yet to be confirmed.

You can read the research paper in full, or take a look at the concept video for Illumiroom below: