Living with the Microsoft Surface RT

Living with the Microsoft Surface RT

As a long time gadget person, the announcement of the new Surface range was a mix of hope and a little confusion.

The RT operating system was intended to provide a ‘lighter’ Windows experience with a great battery life (as it runs on low power processors). The Windows Store would provide the applications and there would be micro-HDMI and usb connections to make use of normal accessories and monitors.

So I have an RT and have been living with it for over 4 months now and over that time I have turned from slightly confused to a big big fan of the RT.

surface RT image


At Work.
Well, the original RT operating system received an update to Windows 8.1 which included ‘Outlook 2013’ in which I live for my day to day work. Suddenly it became a real replacement for my laptop and I could use my USB mouse and keyboard without purchasing a whole new set of accessories.

The Battery life tends to last approximately 6 hours with reasonable use (wifi on and medium brightness).

OneDrive App (was SkyDrive) and Office 2013 give me the ability to do 90% of my work tasks.

At Home.
The kick stand makes it great for viewing content in the kitchen and for general placing it down without risk of scratching etc.

The applications are starting to trickle through, Netflix is there and a whole host of cooking, games and other categories.

In Summary.
Definitely the most capable work tablet replacement. A beautiful screen and piece of hardware. Love the USB and HDMI connectivity.
Touch keyboard is a bit odd but works.