Heartbleed – What you need to know

Heartbleed – What you need to know


You may have heard of the Heartbleed OpenSSL encryption vulnerability over the past week on the news or online; as the severity of leaks are yet to be discovered and exactly what information has been leaked, it’s important to know that personal information across affected services could have been leaked in plain text.

Thankfully, some services have reached out and confirmed that you should change your password for them, these are as follows; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google (Including Gmail and YouTube), Yahoo (and Ymail), Amazon Web Services (This does not include your amazon store account), GoDaddy, Flickr, Netflix, Dropbox, Wikipedia, Github and Wunderlist.

Although the majority of larger sites have patched this issue, it is nonetheless worth not taking any risks with your password. Best practises for ease of password use is to use a service like 1password, Password Box or Keepass and generate a new password for each service you use – if you have reused the same password on multiple sites and one of those sites was vulnerable, you will need to change that password everywhere. It’s not best practise to use the same password for multiple services, anyway.

If you’re concerned about a site not listed above, you can check the servers current status on the vulnerability here and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.