Making the move to Office 365 and why not to feel daunted

Making the move to Office 365 and why not to feel daunted

Deciding to make the move to Office 365 in the cloud can be a daunting one, not knowing what to expect – especially as we’re all used to using the systems we have, we know how they work, what their capabilities are, and what their quirks are; so why would we ever need to consider a change, we hate change!

But. Change. Is. Good.

Take it from me, I’ve moved over to an Office 365 system in the cloud, having previously only worked using mac’s OS, and I wasn’t expecting my experience to be as pain-free and simple as it has been, leading me now to question why all businesses large and small are not switching over to this way of working which has better functionality and capabilities all offered within a better package, that can make a huge impact to a business’s bottom line.

So, what do you get? There are numerous packages available to businesses from Exchange only through to the full package of Microsoft services including, Exchange and Lync; SharePoint and OneDrive; Office Pro Plus and Yammer; all of the software you know and love – and more!

With the added advantage that you really can access anything from anywhere at any time on any device, a godsend for those of you like me, who find ourselves working from the most unusual of office spaces, car parks, service stations and even the local supermarket. You will never be without ‘that’ document you need an urgent look at – and you won’t be constantly pestering office based colleagues to send it to you, and who isn’t keen on keeping their colleagues happy?!

I’ve been happily functioning for over a week, without a single thought of having to call in IT support – it’s a very refreshing way of working that functions as you need it to and is incredibly user friendly. And you really can access anything from anywhere, so having spent my drive home stuck in traffic with an hour and a half to think about what I had achieved during my day, a couple of new concepts came to mind; eager to get these into the document I had been working on I simply logged onto the system online at home using my personal device and updated my document. I use a Microsoft Surface at home, but all other tablets and devices are supported. The vast majority of device operating systems now offer apps for all the different aspects of Office 365 making your information even more accessible to you.

The functionality is key to making this way of working user-friendly and more productive as it offers users one platform for multi sign-in, giving secure instant access to all of your emails, documents and conversations in one place! You can even share and work on documents at the same time as your colleagues, increasing everyone’s productivity and saving a great deal of time emailing documents back and forth.

The beauty of Office 365 doesn’t stop there, regardless of the size of your organisation IT comes at a price, hosting hardware and employing specialists on site to maintain these is costly; plus constantly having to pay for updates to get the latest software, your IT department is hampering your healthy bottom line – well no more! Office 365 has flex capabilities to add users at will without the technical logistical issues, plus automatic updates are included within the package giving employees the latest versions of software so they can be as productive as possible.

With a user friendly interface, and a set of training videos I was up and running at full capabilities within a morning, taking calls via the Lync online system, sharing documents with colleagues by lunchtime and collaborating on a document with a colleague based in the Malvern office by the afternoon!

And so, I urge you, big or small to take a tour of what is possible, and like me you’ll see the possibilities of what Office 365 in the Cloud can do for your business.