QR codes come to SharePoint

One great benefit of having your SharePoint in the Office 365 cloud is that you get all the new SharePoint features first.  A recent example of this is the addition of the QR codes in the document hover panel.  It’s pretty easy to miss, so I’ve included a screenshot of the new icon (in the red box) below.

QR code on SharePoint


Clicking on the icon gives you an unique QR code which is a link to the document, like this:

 QR code

You can then install an app on your phone (I use one called Quick Scan) and scan these so that you have access to your SharePoint documents links from anywhere. I wasn’t sure how useful this new feature would be but then I started thinking about some scenarios where it could be very handy.  Here are a few ideas I had:

(1)    Running out of the office and need to grab a document – no time to print or scribble down a long URL.   Just scan the code and read the document on the train

(2)    Document references in a printed hand-out / manual – having a long list of URLs is a real pain if you need to type them in, instead you could just include a load of QR codes in the reference section

(3)    Labelling equipment – you could have a QR code on any piece of kit and people could quickly read the user instructions / manual


We hope this improves your use of SharePoint at work. Please let us know if you found this tip useful.

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