Office 365 video expected to be deployed worldwide early 2015

Office 365 video expected to be deployed worldwide early 2015

Yesterday Microsoft publicly announced Office 365 video, allowing for easy sharing of videos between other Office 365 users.

Besides this being a great addition due to it being a widely requested feature for SharePoint online, the announced feature set goes above-and-beyond expectations of how this could be implemented and really demonstrates how Office 365’s NextGen portals go much further than SharePoint;


Sharing Videos;

Besides Delve cards (pictured above) delivering users relevant video content directly, every video you will now let you share and discuss directly on Yammer. Future announced features include being able to “publish” to Office Mix and embedding videos across your Office 365 Portal.



Security is paramount;

With Office 365 Video, everything is encrypted and secure by design. Both encrypted in storage and encrypted when transmitted, keeping to Microsoft’s Office Trust Centre commitments. Alongside this, management will be intuitive and powerful – allowing channel admins to be created for constructing their own channels, and video admins who can manage displayed content and change permissions.

Built around simplicity;

Ease of use from drag-and-drop uploading with a wide variety of video file types, as well as uploading video from mobile devices and watching from Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices is just a matter of tapping, or clicking on the content – with adaptive streaming taking care of providing the optimal video quality for your device.


I’m quite excited for Office 365 Video as a solution for delivering active content across business’ portals; being able to showcase our training content to users both on site and mobile, content discovery being a breeze with Delve and easy sharing across company social points – all without sacrificing security. I can’t wait to see more video and dynamic content on Office 365 portals in the near future.


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