Your education centre working towards better learning on Office 365

Your education centre working towards better learning on Office 365

Having migrated three of the biggest universities in the country, with over 14,000 seats, to the cloud we at Cloud Business take pride in the fact that we are experts in migrating the educational sector to the cloud.

Take for example Southampton Solent University which has been our largest education project so far. At Solent the students were suffering with their previous system being incapable of working with mobile devices which lead students to forward emails to their personal emails and thus neglect their university emails altogether. Now we have migrated the students to Office 365, the students can benefit from mobile access to their emails and their documents anytime and anywhere which means their university email addresses and documents are now far from neglected!

Elizabeth Jones, Southampton Solent Student said;

“Being a Solent student I saw the turn from Oracle to Office 365, and the difference is amazing. Being able to see my emails online on my phone has saved me from many (almost) missed lectures, room changes and last minute group meetings. All of these have saved me time and effort – fulfilling Cloud Business’ user experience promises.”

In order to avoid any potential problems with any migration we have a tried and tested structured discovery process followed on by a project implementation plan. Our unparalleled experience enables us to approach a project knowing there will be no surprises throughout the migration process. Our Office 365 consultant Mike said; ‘after going through a thorough discovery, we knew exactly what we had to do at every step of the way. Not only did we have to provide a coexisting environment to allow migrated and non-migrated users full functionality for several months, but we also had to assist users and IT staff who had little experience using Microsoft products. To solve these problems, we had Office 365 technicians available on site during their migration times, as well as a service desk that they could contact 24 hours a day. In the end the project was a great success.”

If you would like to know more about migrating your university or college, whether you’re part of the staff or even a member of the student community, but you’d like to work easier, let us know.


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