Your Office 365 portal with Cloud Manager

Your Office 365 portal with Cloud Manager

How Cloud Manager can help

  • No more PowerShell scripts
  • Compliance with auditing regulations
  • Reporting on your Office 365 tenant
  • Increased helpdesk support efficiency


Cloud Manager removes the need to execute PowerShell scripts in the command line, instead replacing it with a responsive web application, which you can use on any device. It is an administration tool which helps to manage your Office 365 , as well as provides detailed reporting elements on your Office 365 tenant, so you can anticipate issues before they happen. Cloud Manager also generates an audit trail, ensuring that you are compliant with data protection laws in regulated industries.

There are a number of laws in different countries which require auditing of all changes to regulated data in publicly traded companies. This includes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in the US, the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act of 2004 in the UK, and the Corporate Governance Codex in Germany.

Cloud Manager allows you to comply with these legal requirements in regards to your Office 365 account. With a dashboard that shows you RSS feeds on the status of services, as well as licensing information and other key information, administrators and operators will be able to proactively monitor the status of the Office 365 tenant, avoiding preventable issues from occurring.

Cloud Manager is ideal for a support desk environment supporting a significant number of users, allowing you to carry out common administrative tasks without using PowerShell command lines, removing the possibility of any script errors, as well as reduced training costs.

By using Cloud Manager you do not need to distribute the Administrator’s password to multiple parties within the support environment. You control access to the application by using AD groups and all Office 365 administration tasks performed by support staff are logged and an audit trail is available immediately. As the application is installed on your servers, no additional data is transferred out of your environment.


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