Office 365 works better in this weather

Office 365 works better in this weather


Brrr it’s been chilly these last few mornings (-4.5° in Guildford specifically), I’m trying to understand how everything seems to be so much more difficult in the cold weather – getting out of bed, starting the car, driving in snow and ice. It’s a fact that life would be much cosier and warmer at home in this cold weather – taking away those first three dreaded (cold) tasks of the day. ‘If only I didn’t have to commute to work on days like this’ we all cry.

With even more severe weather warnings on the news, it is also much safer for your staff to work from home. On the RoSPA website they show that in 2012, “38 people were killed, 544 were seriously injured and 4,584 were slightly injured in reported road accidents on Great Britain’s roads when there was snow or ice on the road surface.” (Read more here;

Especially if your employees drive for business, it is a safer option to arrive using another form of transport or re-arrange the meeting.


If you have Office 365 however, this is no longer a problem at all. You can work from home as if you were in the office, with all of the office apps available on your dashboard.

Meetings can be held as usual with Lync, either on call mode or video mode, enabling you to still have your important meeting with none of the worry of travelling there.


If you would like to learn more about Office 365 and the help it can bring to your business in adverse weather, give us a ring on 0845 680 8538 or email


We hope you all keep safe in this cold weather!