How to get the most out of your work when you’re away from the office

How to get the most out of your work when you’re away from the office

After working from home quite often recently, I want to write this blog to help you to know where to start if you’ve never done it before. I haven’t got much experience in working from home, so the first day I ever did seemed quite exciting but equally as daunting. This is probably due to the empowering feeling knowing that my managers trust me to do my job regardless of where I am.

You would’ve thought that knowing how to work from home is a simple concept to just get on with. But the change in environment is a bit weird to get used to. Whilst at university I would do my work from various locations, from coffee shops to my friend’s living room and I still managed to get it all done well, but going to work is inevitably a lot different to university in all aspects.

It is important to understand the WFH etiquette (to abide by your rules when you set them!) and all the big questions of what you’re allowed to/ supposed to do – working in pyjamas, walking the dog, start and finish times, Lunch breaks, communication with the office. I hope after reading this article, my advice will help you to work effectively at home.


Of course, the beauty of working from home is being able to get up in 5 minutes and start work without putting on your work clothes, brushing your hair or applying makeup. But when you work, your productivity comes from how you feel in yourself. If you skip all of the important things you would do daily, you wont be on top form. So get ready as you usually would but you don’t have to wear your best clothes (I’d get out of those fluffy sheep pj’s though).


The other wonderful thing about being at home is that you have direct access to all of your favourite foods whenever you like. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so go and make those eggs and soldiers, bacon and sausage or tomato and mushroom sandwiches (if you’re vegan). Don’t be afraid to spend time making breakfast or lunch, you’re entitled to the same breaks you would have if you’re at your desk. Your manager won’t be annoyed if you have 5 minutes here and there away from your computer.


Of course the hardest concept to understand is that you are still at work just not physically, so you need to carry on acting as if you are in the office and as if your manager is sitting next to you. This way you will find yourself getting on with your work without feeling like you’re on holiday.


There are many things that can get frustrating about working anywhere past your driveway, the never-ending traffic or train delays on your commute – is it possible to be at work at 9am sharp every morning – what if I’m not?; can I look after my ill family member if they need me? Unfortunately I cannot answer these questions for you, they’re down to your work place. But I can tell you, that by being able to work from home trust is earnt and given.


Personally I have experienced those troubles and being able to work from home helped me greatly, and I still got everything done that I wanted to. Of course I was worried about taking advantage, so I got up at the same time as I usually would have done anyway and started almost an hour before I would have done if I was in the office. And because I didn’t have to worry about what time I was going to leave to miss the traffic, so I ended up working an hour later as well. Overall I think the day was a productive one, getting a lot done without the distractions or pressure of the office environment.

The business world is moving towards having a remote workforce, with hot-desks and increased availability of software enabling employees to connect to the cloud and therefore work from anywhere. I don’t mean to be bias, but having Office 365 really helped me to get into work without leaving my house.

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