How to use Office on the move

I understand that when you’re out of the office you want to be away from work, but there are some times when you cant really justify not doing any work- just because you’re on a 4 hour train journey from London to Manchester.

As most of my blogs turn out – this is an issue that I have come across before and I would like to share my solution with you. It might be obvious to you to download apps for your phone and tablet with the Microsoft Office suite, but as always its how you use them that really makes the difference to how well they work. Recently in the office we have been talking about the Office apps for Android and IPhone (you’ll see another blog all about this next week). These apps managed to get me out of a difficult situation in time for a big meeting.

How the Office apps saved the day

I recently found myself on a train journey to London going to a meeting without my workbook with some important documents in. Not the best situation to be in at all… But I wasn’t worried because all of the apps on my phone are synced with my laptop, so provided I could get the documents onto my OneNote or Outlook – my meeting would be saved.

What happened?


My colleague Mike used the new ‘Office Lens’ app to take a picture scan of my documents and he exported them straight to the OneNote app on his phone which synced into our in shared folder within minutes.

I then had plenty of time to double check it all and add it into my person OneNote and OneDrive for business apps straight from my phone. Problem solved!


The office apps on Android and Iphone are really great if you’re on the move and you need to keep working. They have excellent integration with each other and with your Office 365 accounts,  I’d really recommend your team downloading them.