Outlook for Android now out of Preview!

outlook for android

Outlook for Android now out of Preview!

The latest version of Microsoft’s mobile mail application, Outlook for Android, has now been removed from Preview and is live for all users! We have been testing this internally at Cloud Business, and it is a massive improvement on the old OWA app for Android. Please see some of the improvements from Microsoft below, and download from the Google Play Store Now!

Improved look and feel

They have continued to polish the look and feel of the app.

We updated our icon sets and simplified our fonts to provide a more consistent Outlook experience across operating systems and devices. But it was also important for Outlook to feel like a natural part of Android. We use common Android design principles like the Navigation Drawer to house the multiple tools offered in the app and have common actions like settings available in the App Overflow menu.

Outlook for Android comes out of preview 1

IMAP support

Outlook has always provided rich support for Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts. Since February, there is now the added the ability to sync mail from email providers that support IMAP, like AOL.com and Comcast.net.

Outlook for Android comes out of preview 2

Revised ‘People’ section

There is also the improved Outlook’s People section. The previous, lightweight “top contacts” view has been replaced with a unified view or your contacts from all your email accounts. Selecting a contact lets you view their contact information, launch a new email, start a phone call or map your way to their location with a single click. Outlook also provides quick-clicks to easily find all the emails, meetings and files shared with the contact.

Outlook for Android comes out of preview 3

Directory search

In addition to updating our People section, there is now an added directory search in Outlook. Sometimes you need contact details for someone in your company or school who’s not saved as a contact. Outlook integrates your full organizational directory (also known as the Global Address List or GAL) in the People section. Just type in the name of the person you’re looking for in the search bar and then select Search Directory. This capability is also integrated into the email compose experience so email within your organization is easier than ever.

Three-day view in Calendar

In April, Microsoft added a Three-day calendar view when in landscape. This complements the Agenda and Day views to show more of your calendar at once. This is especially useful on larger devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Outlook for Android comes out of preview 4

There are also other improvements in the Calendar, including support for zero-length meetings, a ‘remove from calendar’ action for canceled meetings and an improved calendar day picker when creating and editing meetings.

Customize swipe gestures

Outlook’s swipe gestures make rapid email triage literally a one touch experience. You can swipe right or left to take actions like archive, delete, move, flag, mark as read/unread or schedule. Unlike other email apps, Outlook lets you personalize these swipe gestures to match your unique email habits.

Outlook for Android comes out of preview 5

Change folders for swipe gestures

Previously, Outlook prompted you to choose a folder for the swipe actions during first use. Now when your email habits change, you can adjust these by going to Settings > Choose an account > Advanced Settings > System Folders.

Empty trash/deleted items folders

You can now permanently delete items from your deleted items folder.

What’s next

This is just the beginning and we will continue shipping valuable new experiences every few weeks to help you get even more done while on the go, as well as expand the capabilities that matter to IT. A key component in this process is your feedback, which helps us prioritize new feature releases, find bugs and improve the application for the Outlook community as a whole. Please share your feedback with us right from Outlook by navigating to Settings > Help > Contact Support.


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