2021: be agile, be positive, be kind

Happy New Year to all our customers, partners, colleagues and blog readers! A new year is typically a time of planning, resolutions and excitement about the future. This year is no different at Cloud Business. Although 2020 was challenging for everyone, and just days into 2021 the UK is back in lockdown, we’re optimistic and continuing to push forward with ambitious plans for 2021.

This year there are 3 important things we’re focusing on: agility, positivity and kindness. Not your typical business objectives, but we believe that these values are essential to support our strategic plans.

Here’s why:

Be agile

Agility is highly desirable at times of change and in 2020 we certainly saw how agile business models helped organisations cope with remote working and the move from on-premise to online. As digital transformation experts, we’ve been at the forefront of supporting our customers’ remote working strategies and helping them get the agility, flexibility and scalability they need.

To us, agility is also about creativity and approaching things from a different perspective. We’ve always been the people who solve our customers’ challenges and that often means changing the way we do things. While our experience and best practice provides valuable insights to draw on for approaching new challenges, we encourage our team to ditch any preconceived ideas and assumptions, and tackle problems with creativity.

Be positive

It’s hard to be upbeat all the time, especially with Covid cases surging and continued economic uncertainty. But positivity is a powerful force which can’t be underestimated. We see proof of this time and time again on our Service Desk. Customers contact us because of an IT issue, sometimes worried, frustrated or feeling negative. Our Service Desk analysts soon turn that around with a positive and proactive response, and the right strategy to resolve their ticket.

Even when it seems quite bleak out there, we’re trying to inject some positivity into all our interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. We want to make sure we do our bit to make your day better.

Be kind

The language of business is changing. Over the last year we’ve seen more emphasis on collaboration, looking after each other and being kind. We’re ‘in it together’ has been a strong message throughout the pandemic, and one of the positive outcomes of remote working is an increased awareness of the importance of work-life balance and self-care.

It’s not always easy when your workforce is working from home to know when someone is finding things tough. But we can all do our best to ensure we look out for each other with meaning. Every contact we have – instant message, ticket update, email or call – will in some way affect the state of the person on the receiving end. We’ve made a resolution at Cloud Business to choose our words carefully to make sure we are respectful at all times, whether we’re talking to colleagues or customers.

2021 is already looking up. The vaccine roll out is a game changer which will truly help us get back to ‘normal’. However, what the pandemic has taught us is the importance agility, positivity and kindness, and we plan to make these our mantra throughout 2021 and beyond.

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