3 quick and easy ways for your business to go green

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With so many different products and services available at market, going green can make your business stand out. It has never been more important to separate yourself from the competition, and even if you’re not the worlds most eco friendly company, small green changes to your business can help your bottom line and make a difference to the planet.

We understand that putting solar panels on your office roof (although very environmentally friendly!) may not be the easiest first step on your eco-friendly journey, that’s why we’ve compiled 3 quick and easy ways for your business to go green:

Adopt Eco-Friendly Products/ Materials – If any!

The materials we use to buy, sell and build have an extraordinary effect on the environment, as well as the productivity and bottom line of your business. That’s why the smartest option is to, whenever possible and if not entirely, skip the use of paper.

Transforming your business into a digital workplace means you can almost eradicate the use of paper as all important notes, documents, reports and much more become easily shareable online. We believe the role of technology is to enable talented people to do their best work, and by going paperless, your company will be more efficient, effective …and will no longer worry about losing important paper documents!

DocuSign is another handy platform that has recently announced reducing consumption of approximately 837 tons of paper or nearly 14,230 trees.

DocuSign, is the leader of an on-demand electronic signature solution that eliminates the need to print, fax, scan, mail and store paper documents by providing a fast, green, easy-to-use electronic document signing process. No longer will you need to waste expenses to print and send long winded proposals and wait a week for them to be signed and then sent back. DocuSign cuts this process in half, saving you money, time and the environment.

In the unfortunate inevitability that you may need to print, always use eco-friendly paper. Only PCW paper is made entirely from the paper we place in our recycling bins each day – so don’t be fooled by the recycling symbol on a box of paper, as this is an unregulated designation.

Utilise Green Web-Hosting

Green domain hosting companies, are those that take part in a variety of practices, such as using renewable energy, buying carbon offsets and planning trees to reduce or mitigate the environmental impact of running their infrastructure and servers.

Most green companies cost the same or even less than companies running using fossil fuels. So keep your eye out and when your contract is up, make the switch!

Implement Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Although it may be a bit of a hassle, changing your lightbulbs to compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights can save energy and more money than you would expect! Although they are a higher purchase price than standard incandescent bulbs, CFL and LED last significantly longer and use much less energy.

Even if you change over the bulbs as they break, rather than in one large over hall, CFL and LED lights can replace the bulbs in most fixtures and save you up to £150 per bulb in the long run. If you don’t believe me, check out this calculator to see how simply changing out your old bulbs can seriously add up!

What’s the next step?

If you want to find out more about how to digitally transform your business and utilise DocuSign, to save your business time, money, and the environment – download our DocuSign brochure or get in touch to arrange a demo.

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