3 reasons to outsource IT support

Outsource IT support

A look into 3 reasons why you might want to outsource IT support.

IT support. Probably one of the most important teams in your company, agree?

They set us up when we join and help us out with any IT troubles along the way – because let’s be honest, IT isn’t always plain sailing.

But what happens if you don’t have that support team internally?

Who does the job fall to? It’s usually either lands on the lap of the most ‘techy’ person in the room, or down to one lone IT team member. Sometimes this works, but what you usually find is that person becomes swamped sorting IT problems, with little time to do much else.

Not ideal. So, what’s the fix?

There’s the option to outsource IT support, which might work for you. Here we share 3 reasons why it could work.

Improve productivity

When you outsource IT support, your lone IT Manager or ‘techy’ person suddenly has a lot more time for other projects.

As an employers that’s great news. It means they can spend time on projects they truly care about, the projects that will elevate your business.

Maybe they’re bursting with ideas on how to improve the infrastructure. Or they’ve been reading up on the cost savings of moving to Azure and want to explore it further.

By setting them free from IT support, you’re giving them the chance to work on they things they’re passionate about. And when we’re passionate about our work, it usually means we’re happier and more productive. Win win.

Specialist technical resource, for your one of a kind business

This is what we do, and what we love.

Legal, financial services, health care, we’re well versed in working with different industries. And what that’s taught us over the last 20+ years is that every industry, and every business, has a unique set up.

We know that to be able to provide IT support we need to understand every quirk of your business.

Take Legal for example. We know you might bill in 6-minute increments, so time is crucial. And that the case management system you use is your bible. You rely on your systems to work, effortlessly, and securely. So keeping these running is paramount, wherever your team are working from.

Healthcare. We know that cost efficiency is an ever-growing pressure you face, so every bit of spending needs to be justified. Your reliance on technology working is everything, so if something stops working you need it fixed, quick.

Your business is not like any other

The things that are important to you, are less of a priority to others. We get that. Having dedicated technical resource helps. It means you get the support that’s relevant for you.

When you outsource IT support it should not be an ‘out-the-box’ type service, and if you get offered that, run. Your support must work for you.

Better service

The role of IT support is to support your customers, and in this case the customers are the people in your business. So, they’re customers you’re going to want to keep happy.

We often see teams who have lost faith in their internal IT support. And when people can’t get help, they’ll try and fix it themselves which can open a big can of worms (or phishes…).

This isn’t a slam on internal IT support

It comes back to what we said at the start of this post – IT Managers or ‘the techiest person’ are busy people. They’re spinning a lot of plates.

They get swamped so someone’s support issue slips down the line. That person needing the support then is frustrated and takes matters into their own hands.

If you outsource IT support it means your relieve the pressure (on your IT Manager) and satisfy the customer (the employee needing support).

Everybody’s happy.

Is this sounding familiar?

Have you read this and had someone in your mind who is that lone IT Manager? Or are you that person who IT support sits with?

Maybe it’s worth seeing if you should outsource IT support. Like we say, every business is different, so let’s talk about yours.

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