5 reasons you need Out of Hours IT Support

Increasingly companies are extending their IT service desks to offer users out-of-hours IT support. The infographic below explores the 5 key drivers which our clients most often cite as their reasons for outsourcing to a global service desk. Does your organisation have a requirement for out of hours IT support? Have a look to see…

Do you need Out of Hours IT Support?

In summary, here are the most common reasons companies need out-of-hours IT support:

  1. Employees work outside of core business hours – it’s often the more senior members of staff who continue working into the evenings and at weekends. Shift patterns are also a factor as is the increasing demand from employees for more flexible hours. Whether it’s starting early or finishing late, staff can’t be fully productive if they experience IT issues so support is necessary.
  2. Customers need access at weekends and evenings – if your business sells consumer products or services you may find that many of your customers need access to your IT systems outside of business hours. The prime-time for online shopping is at 8pm. Websites and online portals need to be up and technical support should be available if relevant.
  3. Demand for remote working – like flexible working, more people want the option to work remotely either sometimes or regularly. And there are benefits for companies who have remote working policies. When staff work remotely they will often combine this with more flexible hours, working when they are most productive and balancing other commitments around their work.
  4. Your business needs to be ‘always up’ – few companies are really closed at the end of the working day: in a digital world customers may engage with your business at any time of the day or night. To be competitive your IT systems, from email to customer portals, need to be ‘always up’ – otherwise you risk reputation damage and missed opportunities.
  5. Users in different time zones – multinational companies need to provide IT support for their users when they’re active. Even if there’s only 1 hours difference between an overseas market and the UK, there’s a knock on effect on productivity and the bottom line if systems go down or key users experience IT issues.

What are your options?

You don’t have to go all in with a 24/7 service desk. Instead you can keep your existing service desk team for core hours, and outsource out-of-hours IT support to a service desk provider. This negates the need to hire staff out-of-hours (expensive) and shared services means that if you have relatively small ticket volumes outside of business hours this is still an option.

Out of hours IT support can include evenings, night time or both; as well as weekends and Bank Holidays.

If your users are in different time zones and non-native English speakers, consider a multilingual service desk. This has a positive effect on response, resolution times and user satisfaction, as clear communications ensure that service desk analysts understand the issue and impact on the user, and deliver the best possible solution.

Please speak to our service desk team if you have any questions about out-of-hours IT support, contact us or book a discovery call here >

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