5 simple Microsoft 365 shortcuts

microsoft 365 shortcuts

In this post Technical Architect, Ben Owens, shares some simple Microsoft 365 shortcuts to help you increase productivity and get more from Microsoft 365. In the videos below, he provides a walk-through demonstrating each hack:

1. Quickly start multiple app instances

Sometimes you need more than one instance of an application. Instead of navigating back to the start menu to find the icon each time, you can quickly start another instance by pressing and holding the Shift Key and then Left Click on the app’s icon in the taskbar, or middle click the mouse to open another app instance.

2. Rename an Office 365 file directly in your desktop app

Here’s the modern way of renaming an Office file without creating a duplicate or exiting and then renaming the file in Explorer:

3. Get your clipboard history

Have you overridden saved items on your clipboard by using Ctrl V? It’s frustrating when you need to retrieve that item and paste it again. Instead switch to Win + V instead of Ctrl V and save a history of items on your clipboard:

4. Move bullets points up and down in Microsoft Word

Do you need to reorder a list? You can easily move bullet points up and down by using Shift-Alt Up/Down:

5. How to use Snip and Sketch to take screenshots in Windows 10

Use the Snipping Tool to take screenshots and make changes or notes, then save, and share. Simply press Win + Shift + S.

5a. Enable print screen key to launch screen snipping in Windows 10

Don’t want to remember the key combination? Make this even easier by assigning the PrtScn key to carry out the action. Here’s how:

We hope you find the above shortcuts useful. If your teams need support getting the most out of Microsoft 365, get in touch with our digital productivity experts here at Cloud Business to see how we can help.

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