Accountants guide to delighting customers with Office 365 in 2016

When Accountex surveyed 14,000 accountancy clients, these were named as the biggest challenges.

Biggest Challenges for Accountants in 2015/2016

challenges for accountancy firms

Survey from Accountex April 2015 Survery.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The good news is there are some easy steps you can take with relatively low cost technology to make your business stand out and delight customers.

Step 1 – Collaborate – Share spreadsheets and documents securely

Emailing spreadhseets back and forth can become really painful for all parties. Revisions, updates and changes can quickly become out of sync.

Storing that spreadsheet in Office 365 allows you and your clients to work on the same files, see updates and restore to a previous version at anytime. No more emailing attachments with passwords etc!

It works the same for word documents and presentations. Just create a secure site for your client, invite them  to join and away you go!

Did you know – the use of personal cloud storage accounts such as personal Dropbox etc is likely to break your employment policies, data protection duty and ultimately the trust of your clients!

Step 2 – Security – Everything you need to know, and tell your clients

Do you store client files on your PC or USB memory keys? 

Do you ‘hope’ that your server is secure and protected?

Is it difficult to security background check your staff?

If you answered yes to any of these… then read on… 

Protect. Protect. Protect. Your clients’ most sensistive data is in your hands. Storing their data in Office 365 is one of the most secure ways to keep it safe.

Below we have laid out some of the technology and process benefits of Office 365, however your staff can also be checked… we will take you through this in the strategy session.

Microsoft invest millions in the latest protection and smart detection systems, so you don’t have to. Here are a just a few of the standards and featues in place that you can show your clients.

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27018
  • EU Clauses Model
  • Auditing
  • eDiscovery
  • Data Loss Prenevtion

Step 3 – Electronic Signatures – no more printing and scanning

and last but not least ….Signing documents can be a real pain for clients and colleagues.

Why not stop right now and go paperless?

When all of your documents are stored in Office 365, a fantastic tool to add-in is DocuSign.

Select who needs to sign the document, send them a secure email, they can review the document and sign it from their PC, phone or tablet within seconds. Then a copy is sent to all parties !

Need Help – We will set this up for you for for free, you just buy the licence! 

DocuSign for accountancy firms

This is just a small selection of how we can help you develop your business IT.

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