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Reimagine everyday with Nutanix Hybrid Cloud

Deliver a true hybrid cloud experience on demand, at scale

Hybrid cloud solutions that making infrastructure invisible so that you can focus on the applications and services that power your business.

A true hybrid cloud experience

Cloud Business has partnered with Nutanix, a global leader in cloud software and hybrid cloud solutions, so you can reimagine everyday and run any application at any scale with a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

The solution underpins your private or hybrid cloud platform and provides cost governance and the tools to automate your application portability based on business intelligence.

It reduces both soft and hard costs across the IT environment.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud enables our customers to marry the benefits of public cloud-like agility and productivity with the low cost and control of an on-premises environment. This allows IT teams to shift to projects that are value additive to the business instead of just relegating those teams to simply “keeping the lights on.”

“Nutanix is easier to scale. If we need more storage or more equipment, we just add it. … Less downtime: Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud reduced the frequency and duration of unplanned outages affecting applications and services well as improved disaster recovery and failover capabilities.”

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Transform your hybrid cloud experience

Complete IT infrastructure integrates all compute, storage, virtualization, and networking resources to run any application.

True hybrid cloud

Multi-cloud cost governance

Application mobility

Combine public and private cloud operations with unified management of IT infrastructure and applications.

Nutanix gives you the tools to manage applications and infrastructure in private and multiple public clouds, operated as a single cloud.

  • On-demand bursting: Burst resource capacity on-demand from on-premises workloads to Azure to address seasonal increase in demands.
  • Lift and shift: Move applications from on-premises environments to Azure with no re-tooling, no code change.
  • Business continuity: Use Azure as a secondary site, along with the primary data centre, to recover applications quickly in the case of a disaster event.
  • Cloud-native integration: Modernise legacy on-premises applications by integrating them to Azure services such as AI/ML services, etc.

Ondemand bursting: Burst resource capacity ondemand from onpremises workloads to Azure to address seasonal increase in demands.Lift and shift: Move applications from onpremises environments to Azure with no retooling, no code change.Business continuity: Use Azure as a secondary site, along with the primary data centre, to recover applications quickly in the case of a disaster event.Cloudnative integration: Modernise legacy onpremises applications by integrating them to Azure services such as AI/ML services, etc.

A multi-cloud governance platform that provides security compliance and cost governance capabilities for Nutanix, AWS and Azure clouds.

Real-time detection of security vulnerabilities and compliance validation with regulatory policies using 300+ automated audits. 

Cost governance capabilities including Nutanix private cloud metering, automated chargeback reports and workload cost analysis across Nutanix and public clouds.

  • Visibility: Unified visibility into public & private cloud spending to simplify cost governance and multi-cloud management.
  • Optimisation: Drive deep cloud savings with automated scheduling tasks, right-sizing cloud resources and intelligent RI purchases.
  • Control: Easily allocate resource costs according to business consumption and drive governance with multi-cloud chargeback.
Deliver infrastructure in minutes instead of weeks or months. No more waiting to deploy new apps or deliver virtual desktops.
Simplify this process with infrastructure-level bulk VM migrations.
Nutanix automates “lift and shift” VM migrations and delivers the best practice configurations needed for optimal VM performance—saving significant time and cost.
  • Deploy apps in minutes: Remove the friction associated with onboarding new infrastructure
  • Lower cloud costs: Save time and money
  • Full cloud stack: Enable businesses to quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
  • No downtime: Near-zero VM or application service outage during migrations
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