Make phishing awareness second nature in your company culture – 3 tips from our security expert

Phishing is a commonly talked about subject at the moment. But do we all know how to effectively combat this? Does everyone in your business actively stay aware of phishing emails? Do teams realise the full scale of what a phishing email could mean?

Being aware of this as a team could reduce data loss, protect users and decrease the chance of cyber-theft.

Bring awareness to teams and promote a culture of cyber security awareness through-out the business.

✅ Regular training sessions and information on what you should do if you receive a suspicious email.

✅ Inform users of any phishing emails received by other team members (it helps to let teams know what they’re looking for).

✅ Phish your users; yes, you heard us… Cloud Business can send phishing campaigns to users giving your business in depth analysis. Keep everyone on their toes and eliminate risk.

Fancy a chat? Want more information? Our cyber security experts are always on hand to help, contact your account manager or email

Zero Trust

What is Zero Trust?

Essentially, Zero Trust architecture trusts no-one. This might sound a little dramatic, but for the way we now work it makes sense. Very few companies

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