The amount of data your organisation processes and stores is growing at an exponential rate. 

Every touchpoint you have with customers and every time your teams use your technology, more valuable insights are generated.

Big data has the power to transform your organisation. It can help you forecast what stock you will need next season or where to locate your new office. It can help you understand the key factors that drive productivity in your office or when the time is right to migrate to a cloud telephony system or upgrade your licensing plan.

If you love data like us, our data analytics services will help you connect and visualise data into meaningful reports and transform decision-making across your organisation.

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We simplify BI analytics and make big data accessible for all. Our data champions are ready to turn your teams into data champions too!

Join the dots

Connect unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.

Ask questions in natural language

No one needs to be a data scientist with our data analytics services. We build solutions that use natural language so anyone can interrogate the data and become a data champion.

Tiered access to insights

Empower your teams by allowing access to the insights and KPIs that are most relevant to them. Share data and reports with different teams, inside and outside of your organisation.

Real time notifications

Be more agile and responsive by setting up alerts so that you’re notified when data changes above or below the limits you set.

Personalise visuals in reports

Users can personalise visuals in Power BI reports so they can get a different perspective on the data.

On-premise BI analytics

If you need to keep BI reports behind a corporate firewall we can help you deploy Power BI on-premise and then deliver your reports to the right users in different ways.

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Our offering

Our data analytics services join the dots and connects data from different sources into one analytics platform. Powered by Power BI, this solution unlocks big data for organisations without the need for data scientists.

We can help you create dashboards so your users can interrogate your data using natural language and access data visualisations that transform big data into meaningful and relevant insights. Through our data analytics services we aim to empower you and your teams with business intelligence tools that help you make smarter decisions and become the business you want to be.

Let Cloud Business build you a BI analytics platform that gives you the tools to innovate with your data.

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