Identity & access controls

Transformational technology enables your teams to collaborate, work remotely and be productive on multiple devices and from multiple locations.

Yet cyber security technology is sometimes a barrier to mobility and productively when security controls cause unnecessary disruption. To transform cyber security into an enabler, not an obstruction, we put your people at the heart of our identity access management solutions.

Because it’s your people who ultimately get the job done, not the technology you empower them with.

Success story
Queen Anne's School

How we transformed identity access management and network security for staff, students and visitors

Benefits of identity access management

Empower your teams with identity access management tools that give them freedom and protection to work from anywhere and on any device.

Improve user experience

Create a unique digital identity for each user that includes a single set of credentials so they can login easily wherever they are.

Keep productivity levels high

Make it easy to access workflows and resources to minimise downtime and maintain productivity levels. Identity and Access Management solutions will also increase productivity in your IT team, reducing onboarding and offboarding times.

Manage access levels

Add more layers of security to protect sensitive data, systems and IP, and manage users with privileged access controls.

Boost mobility

Give your teams the tools to work remotely and from different devices with intelligent IAM solutions.

Block hackers & unauthorised login attempts

Protect your business from malicious actors and ensure only authorised users can access sensitive data and systems.

Reduce management & IT costs

IAM solutions simplify management and for IT administrations and IT service desks, driving efficiencies and reducing costs.

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Simplify and protect access to devices and apps with intelligent identity and access management to increase security and productivity in Microsoft 365. Learn more

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We design and deploy identity access management solutions for a wide range of organisations, large and small, private and public, local and global. Here are some of our customers:

Success story
Ratcliff Palfinger

Discover how we designed and deployed security architecture to keep pace with an evolving network

Our solutions

At Cloud Business we design and deploy Identity and Access Management solutions that provide your people with streamlined access to the systems, apps and data they need to succeed.

We balance protection with the freedom to work productively and collaboratively across your organisation and beyond, enabling your people to work in the Cloud and on-premise, within your corporate firewall and remotely. We partner with selected IAM technology providers and also deploy market-leading Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions.

Our Cyber Security experts can help you design and deploy tools that identify, authenticate and authorise users, as well as the hardware and applications they need to access. Balancing controls to protect your business and network from hackers and unauthorised login attempts with your genuine users’ needs.

Our partner ecosystem​

We work with trusted security technology partners that provide solutions that integrate fully with cloud technologies, including Microsoft 365. 

Together with our cyber security team, our partners help to ensure that customers are at the forefront of technical innovation and cyber security. 

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