Multi Factor Authentication number matching update and more January 2023 updates

Multi Factor Authentication number matching

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Multi Factor Authentication number matching update

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) number matching is becoming the default when using Microsoft Authenticator. This will be rolled out to all tenants from 27th February 2023 to help protect from MFA fatigue attacks. 

It’s worth noting that the upcoming MFA number matching update will not support Apple Watch notifications. Microsoft recommend that if you have been using the Microsoft Authenticator from your Apple Watch, that you delete this and sign in with another device. 

To make sure that all of your users have the same secure authentication, Microsoft recommend that you use the Azure portal or Graph API to roll out MFA number matching for all users. If you have any question on how to do this or any queries around Multi Factor Authentication number matching, drop us a message.

Multi Factor Authentication Number Matching Update

Free practice tests on Microsoft learn

Good news for anyone preparing to take a Microsoft exam this year. Microsoft are now offering free practice tests on Microsoft learn. 

So far, this isn’t available for all exams but it’s thought that Microsoft intend on adding more later this year. If the test you’re taking has a practice available, a link will be on the exam details page.

The practice tests offer examples of questions to help give insight into what to expect on the exam.

We’ll keep you updated over on our LinkedIn page with any updates on new practice tests that are added.

The world is still talking about ChatGPT

And for good reason. We predict that ChatGPT is here to stick around – this trending AI chatbot isn’t another over-hyped technology that will fade.

The latest rumoured update is ChatGPT-4, the newest version thought to be on its way. It’s (allegedly) going to have improved accuracy in mimicking human behaviour and become less likely to give misinformation.

So, will these algorithm and machine-learning updates continue to keep ChatGPT a trending tech topic in 2023?

We’ll wait and see, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on. We found this article a good read to find out more about this latest ChatGPT release.

Free employee security training from national Cyber Security Centre

We know that people are the greatest vulnerability to a businesses security. So it is vital that all businesses, regardless of size, provide security training to every employee. 

The NCSC have acknowledged that a lot of SMEs and charities don’t always have the resources to give employees sufficient security training. 

To fill this gap, they have created an online training package, completely free of charge. This resource is pretty top-level, but given the choice of no training vs basic training, we know which we’d choose. 

You can access the resource here.

A useful resource to share with anyone you know working in a small business or charity. 

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