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Your network is the foundation on which all other services run. It has to protect your business, boost performance and provide the functionality and reliability your users need. Which is why the selection and installation of your network infrastructure is business critical.

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Your networking infrastructure – switches, wireless access points, firewalls and routers – must be optimised for performance without compromising on security. It needs to instantly recognise wired and wireless devices, including PCs, servers, printers, mobiles, CCTV and IoT devices.


It must also scale and flex with new technology, demands from users, hybrid and cloud solutions, and multiple locations. With the number and type of devices expected to seamlessly connect to a network constantly increasing: Is your network fit for purpose?


If your network infrastructure isn’t aligned with the modern workplace, or if it has not been optimally configured, secured or managed, performance and security is adversely impacted.


Cloud Business can help you transform your network so it’s optimised for business performance and security. Our networking specialists can scope and design your infrastructure requirement, project manage and install it, and then provide ongoing support through our helpdesk services.

Wireless Survey

Ever-evolving demands from users and new technology puts pressure on wireless networks. A wireless survey identifies solutions to boost performance and maximise investment.

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Hybrid & Cloud Networks

Many enterprises need a mix of private and public cloud solutions, with on-premise data centres and cloud applications. A hybrid infrastructure increases business agility and flexibility, meets compliance and data security requirements and doesn’t disrupt existing delivery models.


To strike the right balance the on-premise network is critical. It must perform at its peak to support cloud-based workloads and apps, and deliver an excellent user experience.


Our networking specialists can help you optimise your hybrid infrastructure to get the benefits of private and public cloud solutions.

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Network Audit and Design

Ever-evolving demands on your organisation’s network from new technology and users inevitably affects performance. Cloud Business’s Network Audit and Design service provides vital insight into your infrastructure so it can evolve too.


An Audit explores the network from end-to-end, presenting you with a comprehensive report on your environment as it is today. This includes detailed recommended steps to evolve your network and keep pace with change.


Our Design service provides a process for the planning and implementation of the next evolutionary phase – from the addition of a new workgroup, to a complete migration to a new platform. Cloud Business’s networking specialists can help scope and design a networking requirement, giving your team the freedom to focus on strategic projects.

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Technology Partners

Intelligent Data Storage

The modern workplace requires data storage solutions that are flexible, intelligent and easy to manage. With our technology partners we help our clients optimise their infrastructure, conserve energy and boost performance.


We can help you:


  • Reduce the resources used to manage and protect your data
  • Consolidate inefficient distributed storage solutions
  • Integrate servers from a variety of environments and vendors
  • Reduce your downtime with faster backup–restore processes
  • Provide a scalable, resilient and highly available platform – for applications and data


Intelligent Storage Caching


Intelligent Storage Caching enables organisations to simplify the IT infrastructure while delivering mobile users and remote offices fast, reliable, and secure access to data centre applications. This results in improved user productivity and cost-effective IT management.


With real-time collaboration between remote workers, teams are no longer bound by the geography of office locations or national boundaries. Organisations that share these large and complex files see time and resource savings; while maintaining control over its remote workers at every location across their network.


Work smarter with intelligent data storage solutions.

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Virtualisation and Cloud

Server virtualisation and Cloud significantly reduces costs and simplifies management. Virtualisation also offers a reduced hardware footprint, smaller power and cooling costs, rapid application deployment and cost effective High Availability make it a ‘must have’ solution for enterprises of all sizes.


Whether you are new to virtualisation or an established user we can support the control, security and management of your Virtual Machines.

Cloud Business can deliver:


  • System Design and Vendor Evaluation
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Desktop Virtualisation


Explore Virtualisation and Cloud with Cloud Business.

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