Network Managers are in the firing line

Are you a Network Manager? Do you sometimes feel like you’re facing a firing squad of threats and demands coming from all directions, not least the threat that should a breech occur the responsibility lies with you?

The role of a Network Manager has never been more challenging. New and emerging threats are becoming more and more sophisticated, and are more likely to be triggered by an unsuspecting member of staff than an external cyber attack. Social engineering attacks have evolved from straightforward phishing emails containing malware attachments or links, to spear phishing, baiting, scareware and pretexting.

Then there’s the challenge of managing a diverse range of technologies: IoT devices, wireless access, BYOD and remote working connectivity. This too is ever-evolving and so it’s no surprise that the Network Manager may feel overwhelmed trying to onboard devices, monitor, maintain, secure and optimise network performance in this environment.

Network management tools to save you time

What most Network Managers need is more time. More time to focus on activities that keep the network secure, implement cyber security procedures, educate end users about threats, and develop robust disaster recovery plans. Because in today’s technology environment, IT incidents and breaches (whether malicious or human error) are inevitable.

That’s where Unified Network Management tools help. By providing a single interface, Network Managers get a ‘single pane of glass’ providing full visibility of all wired and wireless networked devices. This eliminates the need to toggle between multiple network management tools for day-to-day monitoring, or to troubleshoot issues with the network.

While Network Management Systems are not new, they have also evolved with changing demands and threats. Which is why if you haven’t explored these solutions for a few years, or if your current tools haven’t evolved with your IT technology, it may worth revisiting.

If your organisation has seen a change from traditional working practices to a more mobile workforce – with employees working remotely and / or using their own devices (BYOD) – there are solutions that are aligned with the modern digital workplace.

Cloud-enabled Network Management Systems provide Network Managers with more flexibility, and simplify deployment. Next gen solutions also provide a mobile-centric unified view of the network: giving full visibility of all devices, so that your organisation can get the benefits of mobility and mitigate against the threats.

Functions that will save time (and remove you from the firing line) include:

  • Automated device provisioning of 802.11X certificates for corporate device onboarding
  • Self-service guest user onboarding
  • Device fingerprinting and profiling
  • Centralised cloud management
  • Granular network policy set up
  • Service desk optimised interface and troubleshooting

To learn more about the benefits of cloud-enabled Network Management Systems join our webinar on 19th March where we’ll be exploring the functionality of next gen solution HIVEMANAGER NG. Click on the image below to register for this event.

Hivemanager NG webinar


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