Windows Autopatch, Zero Trust explained and Scheduled Send

Windows Autopatch

Windows Autopatch is a cloud service that automates the planning and deployment of updates. Good news, it’s now generally available and included for Windows Enterprise E3/E5 licences.

How can Windows Autopatch help?

  • minimises the resource needed by IT admin
  • keeps software updated, meaning fewer threats to the security of devices
  • it means users are able to adopt features as they become available

If you’re looking at moving away from managing updates on-prem, then Autopatch could be a good fit for you. We can chat you through the options if you’re keen to find out more. 

Some useful videos explaining Zero Trust 

A few months back we shared a blog around Zero Trust – you can read it here if you haven’t already. 

If you’ve been looking at implementing a Zero Trust model, these videos from Microsoft are well worth a watch. 

Quick tip, Scheduled Send in Teams

And finally, a quick tip to leave you with. 

As of late September/mid-October, you’ll be able to delay the delivery of messages in Teams, just like you can already in Outlook.

This is a great one for managers in particular, who want to make sure they’re only sending messages to their teams during working hours. With more teams working remotely, this is a small but useful way to help set the example that work-life balance matters.

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