7 reasons tech firms should use Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are seen as an ideal partner for corporations wanting to free IT staff for strategic objectives.

Working with managed service providers makes the IT department strategic, an asset that can focus on generating revenue, instead of infrastructure repairs and resolving email issues. IT skills are in demand across the country and Europe. Over the last year, the UK tech sector has grown 32% faster than the rest of the economy, generating over £160 billion and employing 1.56 million people, according to a widely-cited Tech City UK report.

Consequently, ambitious graduates and skilled staff from across the world are keen to work for digital tech companies, making it difficult for IT departments to attract and retain talent. It has been a talent-orientated market for several years, which is not likely to change anytime soon.

At the same time, this means that digital tech companies need to give these staff work that generates a positive ROI. Fixing computers and recovering emails won’t challenge a talented team. Here are seven reasons why a tech company would benefit from managed services:

#1: Access to best-of-breed technology 

Leading managed service companies keep their tech cutting-edge, so you never have to worry about falling behind in a technical arms race, making it easier for your team to invest in the tech that drives your developments.

#2: Predictable monthly costs 

Software company finances function smoother when costs are predictable. With an MSP, a client picks the level of service, which corresponds to a fixed monthly payment plan. No need to worry about fluctuating expenses and unexpected costs.

#3: Predictable results 

IT issues often fall into two categories: An urgent crisis, or a long-term project. Either way, with most digital tech companies, staff are focused on long-term projects that generate value for customers. There isn’t enough spare time for infrastructure or short-term panics, which forces the urgent to get in the way of the important.

With an MSP, infrastructure runs in the background, and urgent situations are resolved quickly, since maintaining up time is mission critical. Clients’ don’t need to worry about time to handle these issues, which is one of the key benefits of working with an external partner.

#4: Flexible services 

Managed service providers are flexible, with many able to offer a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) service for times when you need to closely control costs.

#5: Decades of expertise 

Instead of leaving IT management to an apprentice, or junior team member, you can be confident that your IT services are in the hands of professionals with decades of experience. This also gives you the advantage of training less experienced internal team members on mission-critical tech earlier in their careers.

#6: Secure services 

Security is of paramount importance with MSPs. Not only do they keep a close eye on data centres and other threats, but they can also work with you to ensure staff devices are secure and your team operates behind multiple firewalls, even when you have remote colleagues, freelancers or use co-working spaces.

#7: Lean, green and consistent delivery 

Working with an MSP means that internal IT stays lean. No expensive projects. No hardware flights-of-fancy, unless they happen to connect directly to a revenue-generating objective. And, at the same time, you benefit from 24/7 IT operations and disaster recovery security.

With the right MSP, you will have complete peace of mind. Businesses that work with them report cost savings, enhanced security and the benefits of staff focusing on core strategic projects, instead of managing IT problems and technology.

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