James Butler talks technology trends and reveals the latest around business IT support

Technology Trends

This month our CEO James Butler had a chat with South East Business magazine, discussing technology trends and how Cloud Business can provide expert IT services.

What technology trends are you seeing today?

The technology space is a really exciting place to be at the moment. There’s never been a better set of products for customers to buy. And there’s never been the ability for IT service providers to deliver those services in such a cool way.

For example, if you want to raise a ticket with us now you can do it on WhatsApp or text message, phone, email, or talk to an online chat bot. It’s only two years ago that most businesses would have been limited to phone or email.

And look at how many businesses are using Microsoft Teams now. The way we communicate and work has completely changed. People need different things from us now. We’re excited to be responding to that in how we work and what we offer our customers.

Technology trends - South East Business magazine article

What’s the biggest technology change you’ve seen in recent times?

The biggest change has been hybrid working. That has resulted in a huge shift in our focus, especially in how we maintain our own company culture, and how we engage with our customers.

It has led to a lot of new opportunities for us to support our customers. For example, remote working creates a security concern, as suddenly businesses have to take care of the management of all these different devices people are using, from different locations.

We are also playing more of a role around employee experience. If 90% of the workforce are at home, using their employer’s technology day to day, that plays a role in their experience. And the decision about whether they stay with that employer is based on that experience. Does everything work, is it easy to get to? Can I onboard quickly, do I feel comfortable? The job market is becoming much more competitive for employers and I think we’re going to be asked to be more involved in that employee experience.

What kind of business IT support is available?

The team at Cloud Business deliver modern workplace solutions. We take a people-centric approach – we’re led by people and their goals rather than technology. We align our services with their objectives to help their businesses grow, increase agility and sustainability, and to help them compete in challenging markets.

We support South East business owners with IT strategy, digital transformation, IT support, infrastructure and network and security.

Can you tell us a bit about your specific services and the support you offer?

We provide IT consultancy, cyber security, technology and support. That includes everything from devices and a fast and reliable internet connection, to making your environment safe and secure. We help businesses migrate their services to the cloud and give people the tools they need to be more productive. On top of that, we offer day to day support across all of those services.

We love creating environments where people can do their best work, with a smile on their face. That’s essentially what our Reimagine Everyday ethos is all about. It is a reminder to everyone to be open minded to challenge assumptions, in a friendly way, and also to challenge ourselves and our customers to think differently about how IT can help them to achieve their goals.

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What is your most valuable piece of IT advice to business owners?

I felt like for about four years, IT businesses were promoting a message about ‘work from anywhere’. And then along came the pandemic and suddenly, it transformed everything overnight. And what we’ve been trying to promote the concept of just became a reality.

I love the phrase ‘work is what you do, not where you are’. I think it never really meant as much before as it does now. There are a lot of managers who would insist on people being in the office. They have had to challenge themselves because the message is loud and clear – employees want flexibility. If you cut through all the noise, it’s because employees have got a great lifestyle and balance now. That’s what they like, and that’s the way they want to work.

I believe in a mix, I believe that face to face time, humour and culture is important, and that for some people, learning happens better in person.

What makes Cloud Business different?

Cloud Business has got some fantastic people, but it’s not the individuals that make it different, It’s the passion in those people. It’s the spark in the eyes that we look for when we’re recruiting. We don’t just look for technical ability, but also an ability to work with people, and a desire to have conversations about how technology can change the way that people live and work.  

When you’re having a bad day, you’ve had a problem with your IT and you’ve called our support desk – how was that? Did our passion for doing cool things for our customers shine through? I hope so. I believe that’s what makes us different and, and hopefully, that comes through every time we pick up the phone.

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