The six seconds that reimagined music

We live and breathe our reimagine everyday ethos with how we work, how we communicate and how we approach business. Incredible people have changed the world, simply by doing things a little differently.
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Gregory Coleman - The Amen drum break
Gregory Coleman – The Amen drum break

The six seconds that reimagined music

In 1969 Gregory Coleman recorded a drum solo that has influenced over 5000 songs. At 1 minute 26 seconds into ‘Amen Brother’, the other musicians stop giving centre stage to Coleman. He performs a four bar drum break. A drum break that reimagined music.

Little did Gregory Coleman know that his now iconic six second drum break would spark a fire in the music industry, becoming the most sampled beat in history.

Known as the ‘Amen Break’ the beat thrived during the rise of hip hop, became a staple in the drum and base scene.

From the Futurama opening title track to David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Oasis, The Prodigy and Bjork there is almost no doubt that you will have heard this sample.

Imagine if Gregory Coleman hadn’t reimagined that drum break.

Imagine if we never reimagined.

We reimagine everyday; Cloud Business believe that reimagining is what sets us apart. We’re not reinventing the wheel… we’re just looking at it differently.

By reimagining what you do, you can completely change the game.

What if Cloud Business could help you completely reimagine how your company collaborates? And… what if by reimagining your business collaboration it can change the business for the better – now and in the future.