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On-demand Learning.

Our video training suite delivers over 1,400 self-service video training and context-sensitive help directly to your users where they need it most — while they are working. We cover the entire Office 365 and Office suite. The solutions are proven to cut training costs, reduce ongoing support costs, and drive adoption of Office 365 by your end users.

Image showing a screenshot of the Cloud Advisor, an on-demand office 365 training suite

Key Features

Easy to set up

This training library is easily installed into your SharePoint environment. The videos can play on Apple, Windows and Android devices, and on all typical browsers (Internet Explorer 4 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.). The videos are also provided in individual libraries such as SharePoint, Word and Skype for Business.

Design a bespoke Office 365 training syllabus

You can also build specific training centres with very little effort. For example, many of our customers build different training centres for Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, Skype for Business etc. right into the SharePoint environment. Other customers build different learning tracks, such as; Intro, Intermediate, Advanced, Support.

Context-sensitive and personalised user experiences.

We supply videos for your users to watch depending on what tasks they are currently performing, and you can customize these and add additional targeting with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users can create a personalized My Learning list to keep track of their common searches at their fingertips.

An affordable e-learning solution

We provide practical training for an affordable price. You don’t have to send your users to expensive and theoretical classroom based training – they can be productive right away.

A customisable and flexible platform

You can easily add your own custom training or link to any external digital content (such as videos, documents, presentations, and so on). You can also customize the SharePoint user interface and navigation. And with just a few clicks, you can target any training to your users the way you want.

Usage Insight

You can quickly see which training is popular and what users are viewing through very rich, easy-to-use reporting and charting.

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