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Clifford Chance is an international legal services firm with headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf and over 20 other office locations worldwide.


Professional Services

20 Locations Worldwide

The Problem

High value employees’ time means that reducing the overhead and any delays in responding to clients is critical to profit. By adopting instant messaging and presence they were able to empower their staff to collaborate quickly across geographies.

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The Solution

Rolling out Lync (now Skype for Business) was a major step into instant communication for Clifford Chance. The use of the cloud based service came with a significant emphasis on security. Clifford Chance opted to use our Cloud Manager software to provide the auditing and security separation in the administration of the service.

“Clifford Chance have highlighted that the security provided by Microsoft Online Services meets the strict criteria of a global law firm. A fantastic result and great innovation delivered to the teams.”

Matthew Garrett, Technical Director, Cloud Business

The Benefits

Staff are more productive and have instant communication with their colleagues across the globe.

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