1st line vs 2nd line support – what do you get and for how much?

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Wondering about 1st line vs 2nd line support? Read on…

Digital transformation has numerous benefits for businesses and organisations of all sizes and across all industries. Cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint increase productivity and collaboration, as well as driving down the cost of IT ownership and delivering more flexible operating models.

However, our reliance on technology also means that all organisations now need to invest in IT support. Whether that’s onsite IT support to fix issues in-house, or IT service desk outsourcing to handle support tickets raised by your technology users.

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If you’re new to IT support levels you might be wondering what you get, how much support your organisation needs, and how much it will cost. Below we explore 1st line vs 2nd line support to provide an overview of each.

First line support

To start with it’s not really a question of 1st line vs 2nd line support. All companies that use technology require 1st line support, either provided in-house or through an IT provider. 1st line covers the basics such as password resets, account unlocks, basic desktop support and other common IT issues that might prevent staff from getting on with work.

Increasingly some 1st line support is offered through next gen service desks with self-serve tools that help users resolve problems for themselves. This is sometimes referred to as service level 0. With higher IT literacy rates across the workforce many basic IT issues can fixed by employees, which reduces downtime significantly. Self-serve options are backed up with support from service desk analysts to ensure that all users and support levels are supported.

1st line IT support is usually charged on a per user or per ticket basis with a flat monthly fee. More information on IT service desk pricing can be found here.

Do you need 1st line support?