Cyber security services

Understanding where your vulnerabilities lie, the threat landscape and your organisation’s risk profile, is the first step to protect your business.

Stay safe from cyber attacks and the latest threats

With the right protection you can empower your teams to do their best work and seize opportunities to innovate and do more with your technology.

Our Cyber Security Services are designed to protect your business from the latest threats and drive productivity, collaboration and agility across your organisation.

Explore our security solutions below or speak to our IT security consultancy team about your challenges and ambitions.

Our Cyber Security services

Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

Security architecture
Build the right protection and Security Architecture into your digital transformation projects from the get go. Or we can design a remediation plan for those projects that are already underway
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Vulnerability management
Identify gaps in security and take proactive action to prevent cyber security attacks. With penetration testing and ongoing management, we can help you protection your business from future threats too
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Identity & cloud security
Let us help you design and deploy Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for the Cloud. Protect your business, your data and your teams from threats and human error
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Managed SOC
Our Managed Security Operation Centre (SOC), SIEM-as-a-Service and CISOaaS, keeps networks safe and data secure 24/7
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Success story
Ratcliff Palfinger

Discover how we designed and deployed security architecture to keep pace with an evolving network

Cyber security services for the modern workplace

By partnering with Cloud Business and our cyber security team, we can help you:

Drive transformation & change

We understand both business and IT, and help our customers align cyber security transformation with change programmes

Identify your risk profile

Our experts can help you identify and understand your organisation's cyber risk profile so you can prioritise your cyber security investment

Cyber assessment

Identify areas of weakness in your organisation. Our ethical hackers test your networks, technology, processes, controls, policies and users

Protect your assets & data 24/7/365

We provide a 24/7/365 Managed Security Service with security and monitoring from our UK support centre

Develop a robust cyber risk culture

We can help you create a culture of cyber security and a cyber-savvy workforce with user security awareness, training and adoption solutions

Threat hunting & detection

Cloud Business can help you access and deploy affordable, innovative solutions to detect and respond to anomalies and threats that are present in your network

Regulatory compliance

Protect your IP and comply with data privacy legislation. We can design and deploy solutions that turn compliance into a competitive advantage

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We work with a range of organisations across different industries, public and private, large and small.

Success story
Queen Anne's School

How we transformed network security and identity & access management for staff, students and visitors

Transformative IT security services

End-to-end solutions and Managed Security Services to support digital transformation.

At Cloud Business our security team can help you deploy digital transformation strategies securely. Whether you’re exploring migrating your entire IT estate to the Cloud, hybrid models or on-premise projects, we can help you achieve your goals without compromising security.

We view cyber security services as a strategic resource. By ensuring your business is protected from disruptive events, meets regulatory compliance requirements and has robust tools to minimise damage in the event of an attack, you can gain a competitive advantage and have the freedom to innovate and drive change.

To achieve this goal, our security team get to know your business, your people and your ambitions, so we can align our cyber security services with the business outcomes you dream about.

Our partner ecosystem

We work closely with our key technology partners to ensure our customers are at the forefront of technical innovation and cyber security.

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