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At Cloud Business we help organisations get the freedom to become the business they want to be with protection aligned with their unique IT infrastructure, data, users and threats.

Technology that enables collaboration, mobility and innovation delivers huge benefits to businesses. But when information is available anytime and anywhere the security risks can also be significant.

Our Security Architecture services help you innovate with confidence, knowing that your business and your people are protected. We help our customers by designing, developing and deploying the right security architecture to reduce risks and manage threats, while protecting data, IP and business operations.

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Ratcliff Palfinger

Discover how we designed and deployed security architecture to keep pace with an evolving network

Let’s reimagine your Security Architecture

We make sure you have the protection to become the business you want to be. Our team of Security Architects are on hand to protect your IT infrastructure, your people and your business from cyber security threats.

Discovery workshops

Book a discovery workshop with Cloud Business to explore the impact digital transformation has on IT security. During this session we will help you understand the risks and threats, and review your proposed security architecture. This is followed by detailed recommendations and a roadmap to protect your business.

Cloud security architecture

Protection for your cloud infrastructure including apps, systems and cloud-based business processes. Our Cloud heritage gives you access to specialist Cloud security architects to protect your business from the unique threats and vulnerabilities cloud technology creates.

Network security architecture

Where are your weak spots? Your network needs to scale and flex with new technology, demands from users, hybrid and cloud solutions, and multiple locations. It’s also a prime target for cyber attacks. We identify network vulnerabilities and design solutions that balance security with performance.

Information security architecture

We design and implement security controls to protect information, where it is stored, how it is accessed and how it moves around between systems.

ISO 27001 framework

All our security services are based around ISO 27001 providing our customers with consistently high-quality services and solutions.

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We work with a range of organisations across different industries, public and private, large and small.

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Queen Anne's School

How we transformed network security and identity & access management for staff, students and visitors

A new perspective

Independent specialist expertise.

Whatever your transformation programme, considering security architecture early in the project lifecycle has many advantages. With the support of our Security Architects, instead of retrofitting security solutions, we can help you design and build secure solutions aligned with your strategic objectives.

Even when you’re late to the party, our Security Architecture team can help ensure your project does not exposure your business to threats. We identify any vulnerabilities, qualify the risks and design a remediation plan to protect your business. With an eye on the future, we make sure our security solutions have the ability to flex and scale with your business, and can keep pace with threats and new technology.

Our partner ecosystem

We work closely with our cyber security technology partners to ensure our customers are at the forefront of technical innovation. 

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