Microsoft Purview name change, Viva Goals launch, and a Teams trick

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Azure Purview becomes Microsoft Purview 🔒

Back in April, Microsoft said it was changing the name of Azure Purview to Microsoft Purview.

What is Microsoft Purview?

It’s pitched by Microsoft as “the future of data governance”. Before the rebrand, Azure Purview was used for data governance and Microsoft 365 Compliant Solutions was used to protect data and manage threats.

Microsoft recognised that both are connected and decided to bring the two together.

Worth noting…

As part of this change, Microsoft have renamed a lot of the M365 risk and compliance features. They’ve published a full list which details the name changes here – worth taking a look to see if any you currently use have changed.

Is it worth using?

Having lots of different tools to manage data can leave you open to risk. The more fragmented your tools, the more room there is for gaps.

If you’re managing a more complex data estate this could be a worthwhile tool to explore. Send us a quick note and we can help determine if it’s something you should look into.

One to look out for, Microsoft Viva Goals

Viva is an employee experience platform and it’s made up of four modules: connections, learning, topics and insights.

Just last month they launched Viva Goals.

What is it?

This new module will let you set and manage goals. Within Teams, you’ll be able to track progress against goals (individually and on a team level), assign owners to goals, and celebrate team wins.

Why it might be useful

A lot of us work to objectives, but usually they’re either saved on a Word Doc or tracked on a costly HR application.

Integrating your employee’s objectives into a tool you’re already comfortable with seems like a logical step.

Microsoft Purview Microsoft Viva Goals

Sit tight, it’s not quite ready yet

It’s only been launched as private preview for now, but we’re expecting to see it available for all Teams users later this year.

We’ll let you know when the official release is announced.

How secure is Azure?

Author: Russell McKee, Senior Consultant & Azure Architect Covering this ‘how secure is Azure’ blog, is Russell McKee. An experienced Azure Architect and Senior M365 Consultant with

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