Microsoft Teams 2.0, the end of Yammer and a tip for finding old messages

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Microsoft Teams 2.0 coming in March 🎉

This Microsoft Teams update has been teased for a while, but reports suggest it is going to be launched (in preview) in March 2023. 

The updated version of Teams is thought to consume 50% less memory, compared to the current desktop app. In turn, this will help to improve battery life, especially on older devices. 

The new app, named Microsoft Teams 2.0 internally, moves away from Electron over to Microsoft’s Edge Webview2 technology.

It’s thought there will be a toggle option for users to choose between the new and old version. There’s no date set to determine when this new version will become the default.

We will keep you up to date with any noticeable changes we see when this launches. 

Yammer to enter retirement 🏝

Microsoft have announced that they’ll be retiring the Yammer brand at some point in 2023. But it’s not quite the end.

Viva Engage, launched as part of the Viva set of tools, will take over from Yammer. 

On this latest announcement Microsoft have said:

“Outside of branding changes, there are no changes to the features, capabilities, and investments for Microsoft 365 customers. You will continue to experience and benefit from the power of Viva Engage just as you did with Yammer, with no loss of continuity.”

Source: Microsoft Viva Blog, Seth Patton

Remember how useful the ‘Skype Conversation History’ folder was in Outlook for finding chats from a certain date?

Here’s how to do that in Microsoft Teams…

  • Type in * in the search bar in Teams
  • Select ‘Messages’
  • Set the date you want to search for
  • Apply filters that will help narrow your search
  • Results will then be displayed
Microsoft Teams Chat Search

How secure is Azure?

Author: Russell McKee, Senior Consultant & Azure Architect Covering this ‘how secure is Azure’ blog, is Russell McKee. An experienced Azure Architect and Senior M365 Consultant with

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