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A productive and engaged team is incredibly powerful for organisations. We believe technology should bring teams together and accelerate productivity.

What is digital transformation?

We believe the role of technology is to enable talented people to do their best work. This means that the services, applications and support should be easy to access, navigate and use on any device. The digital transformation process is triggered by user demand due to old systems, the need for mobile device access and the inability to work collaboratively from anywhere.


We define digital transformation as a significant shift in the experience, products and services available to users. An example of a digital transformation project would be an upgrade to Windows 10, move to  Office 365 and the launch of a modern intranet such as Boost, all taking place over a few months.


Benefits Include

Engaged Workforce

Improved collaboration with colleagues and 3rd parties

Increased talent retention

Flexible working

Our digital transformation methodology

Digital transformation capabilities are in our DNA. We have developed a 5 step approach to achieving digital transformation with user experience at the core of the entire process.


Our team will engage with you to design new ways of working, we’ll hold workshops and run through ‘day in the life’ demos and observations.

Design and Plan

Our cloud consultants will then design a digital transformation roadmap.


Making sure your team are prepared and confident in the use of new technologies through a bespoke training programme.


We are experts at migrating servers, emails and data to the cloud.


We will partner with your IT, HR and Management teams to ensure that your cloud systems are working and users are embracing this new way of working.

“Planning a change can be daunting, it is important to get close to users”

— James Butler

 Clients in which we have delivered Digital Transformation


Office 365 workshops

We run dedicated Office 365 Strategy Workshops

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Cloud Migrations

We are migration experts

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Office 365

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OneDrive for Business

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Boost Intranet

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Cloud Advisor – Online Video Training

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