What you didn’t know about Office 365

You probably use it to send emails in Outlook and save dates in your Calendar. But did you know you can use other Office 365 apps to do so much more?

Keep track of workloads

With Planner, you can assign tasks and deadlines to your colleagues and keep track of who’s doing what. As tasks progress, you can add comments and files to each assignment. You and your colleagues will receive email notifications whenever a task is assigned or has an item added to it. Once the task is done, simply tick it off and watch it disappear. 

Prioritise relevant information

See which documents your colleagues have been looking at the most in Delve. This helps you anticipate which information is going to be important. You can search for content here using keywords in the documents, instead of guessing titles at random. 

Create presentations and reports

With Sway, you can create good-looking reports, presentations and newsletters without being a design expert. The built-in design engine will automatically make your work look great. If there’s anything you don’t like, you can change it to one of Sway’s customisable template. Text, video and content from across the web can be used here too. 

Get a digital notebook

OneNote makes writing notes and by hand and typing them up later redundant. You can use it to type and record notes during meetings, clip hyperlinks to your text, and tag and prioritise the most important notes. After your meeting, you can easily share your notes with colleagues. 

Humanise document sharing

If you’re sick of sharing multiple versions of the same document on Outlook, then you need SharePoint. You can upload all of your documents and share them with colleagues here. everyone can make amends to them in real-time, eliminating the need for keeping multiple drafts. 

Have casual conversations

Enjoy one-on-one and group instant chats with your colleagues in Teams. With its Skype video integration feature, you can add social icons like emojis and memes. You can also access your Planner, OneNote and SharePoint from Teams, without swapping between applications. 

All of these features are freely available in Office 365. All you have to do to get started with each of them is open your app launcher then click on whichever app you want to use.

If all this isn’t enough, there are a couple of other Office 365 benefits that can help you turn manual admin processes into quick and painless digital actions.

Get legally-binding electronic signatures

You may think that in order to get a legally-binding signature, you have to print out your Word documents and sign them in ink. This can take longer if you need to chase other people for their signatures too. But in AppSource, one of the secrets of office 365 can change this.

DocuSign lets you add electronic signatures, or e-signatures, to your Word documents. All you have to do is install their add-on in your Word ribbon. You can then use this to put your own signatures in your documents, or request signatures from others. These signatures are legally-binding, too.

A quick way to complete user profiles

No one would blame you for giving little thought to user profiles. Getting these filled is a time-consuming manual process. However, when they are complete with accurate information, they can make the running of Office 365 so much smoother. There’s something you can use to get this information quickly and easily.

Hyperfish identifies missing and out-of-date profile information in your company directory profiles. It populates and updates this by starting a friendly conversation with your users via email and instant messaging, at a time that’s best for them.

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