Azure Migrate

Turn your IT vision into a reality, migrate to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure gives you access to hundreds of products and services ready to quickly deploy anywhere in the world. With best-in-class security, whether you wanted public, private or hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure helps you become the business you want to be.

Migrate to Azure with Cloud Business

We have developed Azure Migrate, a popular package for organisations taking the next step on their digital transformation journey.

Azure Migrate includes a full migration of 5 servers into Microsoft Azure, installation of Azure VM Agent and the assurance that your new environment is aligned with your organisation’s strategic objectives and plans.

Our team are here to help you and your people get the most from Azure. By leveraging our extensive experience & best practice, and our people-centric approach, you can be confident that your Azure environment is set up for success.

Azure Migrate includes:

  • An assessment of your organisation’s on-premise servers to scope migration for performance and suitability to Azure
  • Extensive testing in an isolated environment to ensure the technology works in the cloud and the business processes continue to operate as expected
  • A full migration of 5 servers into Microsoft Azure & installation of Azure VM Agent
  • Azure Backup configuration & disk encryption for 5 servers
  • Documentation of the contents & setup of your Virtual Machines in Azure
  • BAU handover to Support Team

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Why migrate to Azure?

Here is a list of common drivers for migrating servers to Microsoft Azure.


Increase or decrease compute resources as needed


Supports almost any OS, language, tool, or framework


99.95% availability SLA and 24×7 tech support. Azure has operated core compute services at 99.995% average uptime across their global cloud infrastructure


Data housed in geo-synchronous data centres around the world


Only pay for what you use, when you use it


Part of the service by Microsoft to maintain an evergreen and secure environment


Never have to worry about the expensive cost of hardware failures or replacement programmes again

Best practice

Adopt the latest technologies in Azure in line with Microsoft best practice

Trust & compliance

Azure Infrastructure complies with many legal or regulatory standards, with regular independent auditing


Azure is working towards 100% renewable energy by 2025, to replenish more water than consumed by 2030, zero waste certification by 2030 and net zero deforestation from new construction

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